Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto – How to Win Big With a Syndicate

Oz Lotto, Australia’s inaugural national lottery game, takes place every Tuesday evening at 8:30 PM AEST. Participants select seven numbers from a pool of 47 numbers before three supplementary numbers are drawn randomly from this pool.

Australian history boasts some of the biggest jackpots ever seen on this game – some jackpots even surpassing $100 Million!

Game of chance

Oz Lotto is one of Australia’s most beloved national lottery games, drawing each Tuesday evening around 8:30 PM AEST. Players select seven numbers between 1-47 to match with those drawn and win by matching them against Division 1 prize odds – although there are six other prize divisions offering prizes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!

The Oz Lotto Prize Boost event takes place every Tuesday evening and adds an extra prize in each division, quickly increasing from its starting point and even topping $100 Million before. It is an ideal way for local communities and small businesses to support each other by playing and supporting this promotion.

There are various ways you can play Oz Lotto, such as online, by phone and in-store. System entries allow you to have your numbers selected automatically – the more numbers that match up, the bigger your prize is! System tickets do cost more but offer greater chances of success.

In order to win the jackpot, all seven of your selected numbers must match those drawn in a single draw. Furthermore, matching three main and one of the supplementary numbers could land you one of three lower prize divisions, each offering at least $3 Million total prize pool size until there is an eventual winner is identified.

No matter if you want to become instantly rich or simply have some fun playing Lotto, nothing beats Oz Lotto! A simple lottery game with an exciting new format that gives you the chance of winning hundreds of thousands in prizes–from Division 7 up through to the top prize! Save time when selecting numbers with QuickPick; use the Ticket Checker to see whether or not you have been successful and claim any of them as winners!


Oz Lotto offers prizes that vary based on the number of winning tickets in each draw, starting with its top prize – the jackpot – starting at AU$3 Million, won by matching all seven numbers drawn at once and remaining unclaimed for 25 draws before rolling over into another drawing. In addition to this grand prize, smaller division prizes such as Divisions 2 to 7 exist with an equal chance for success; Division 7 requires matching at least three main numbers and one of its supplementary numbers as part of an entry’s entry number to claim.

Oz Lotto is an Australian national lottery game held each Tuesday evening. Players select seven numbers from 47 for their basic ticket; multiple entries can also be purchased to increase the chances of success. There is also an automatic Quick Pick feature which selects random numbers automatically; prize pools have even been known to exceed $100 Million!

Players can purchase Oz Lotto lottery tickets either online, in-store, or from local lottery agents. Winnings from this lottery are tax-free in Australia. Winners will receive SMS and email notification of their prize notification as well as being able to view results online; smaller prizes are automatically deposited into your theLotter account after each draw while larger wins must be claimed personally.

Enhance your chances of winning big in Australia’s favourite lottery with several strategies, including joining a syndicate and purchasing System or Pick entries. Each entry stands an equal chance at success; the more entries entered, the higher their chance is of success.

Oz Lotto lottery game was Australia’s inaugural national lottery, and has become popular due to its large jackpots and straightforward rules since 1994. Although its format has evolved significantly over time, its jackpots remain generous; and this national lottery gives back to its community through supporting small businesses and charities.


Syndicates offer an ideal way for friends or coworkers to play lotto together. By pooling money to buy bigger entries, your chances of success increase significantly. Should any prizes come your way, they’re distributed evenly amongst members of the group – there are various syndicate options to suit different individuals and there is even a planner that will help manage entries effectively!

An Oz Lotto ticket costs just $1 and requires selecting seven numbers between 1 and 47 from 1 through 47. Additionally, three supplementary numbers will be drawn at random to boost earnings in certain prize divisions. It’s available across Australia’s states and territories and starts off with prize amounts starting at AU$3 Million! If no winner emerges the jackpot rolls over for another draw!

There are various kinds of syndicates available, ranging from just two players up to hundreds. Many are managed by professional lottery management companies who take care of all payments and purchases as well as dispersing winnings to each player – they may also include systems for notifying winners by email or telephone.

Cost of system tickets depends on the number of numbers you wish to play; an 8 ticket covers every combination of your chosen 7 numbers while 13 tickets offer all possible combinations for 13 numbers. While you are free to purchase as few shares as desired, two shares should provide optimal odds of success and should always be purchased so as to increase chances of winning.

Oz Lotteries sends out results emails after each draw to all members of a syndicate, informing them if their Syndicate won. Winnings will appear in your Oz Lotteries account and can be withdrawn within the timeframes listed below. In addition, See Your Ticket from TheLotter allows you to see an illustrated representation of your ticket prior to each draw – making theLotter an official partner of Australian Lottery with various syndicate options to meet all budgets.


Oz Lotto is one of Australia’s most beloved lottery games, thanks to its huge jackpots and easy rules. Tax-free tickets also make Oz Lotto an appealing option for Australians seeking ways to support their community; each ticket sold helps fund small businesses and communities in need. First introduced in 1994 and operated by Tattersall’s and State Lotteries bloc; branding of national game differs across jurisdictions (Tattslotto is used within Tattersall’s regions).

Win notifications are delivered free of charge via SMS and email, and won prizes are deposited directly into your theLotter account. Any larger prizes must be collected directly, while winnings are paid as tax-free lump sum.

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