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Tattslotto is an Australian lottery game with six prize divisions and offers the first-tier prize of $4 Million as shared among multiple winners, as well as regular $20 Million Superdraws.

Mark your own numbers or choose random sets with Quick Pick entries, or add more chances for success by including System entries in your coupon.

Game rules

TattsLotto is Australia’s favourite lottery game. Each draw brings more money into its prize pool and Superdraws can boost it even further – often reaching over $20 million! Players can win their share of this massive prize pool by matching six winning numbers at once; draw results are published following each draw, and winnings are distributed the day following.

Alternatively, if you need assistance playing, QuickPick entries allow you to choose all possible numbers automatically for you. Or use System entries instead; these allow multiple combinations of numbers and potentially greater chances of winning multiple prize divisions.

TattsLotto provides more chances to win big than just its standard six winning numbers: by offering Powerball numbers that can be selected to boost your chances of taking home the top prize, every Saturday night draws and prizes are distributed based on how many numbers match, with all six numbers matching earning you the Division 1 prize worth approximately $5 Million!

On your initial playing experience, it will be necessary to register your details with Tatts Group and confirm your email. After doing this, you can use their website to view results, purchase tickets and more – not forgetting special offers such as free lotto tickets and cashback for new members!

Tattersall’s began operating a lottery in Victoria to bring additional revenue into the state government in May 1972. The inaugural draw took place on 24 June 1972 and was broadcast live via HSV-7 Melbourne. Since then, this lottery is known as Tattslotto in Victorian state lotteries, Gold Lotto in Queensland, and X Lotto in South Australia; additionally it’s known by various other names including Lotto in New South Wales Tasmania and Australian Capital Territory.

This lottery was the inaugural offering in Australia and has quickly become one of the world’s most beloved. Ticket sales close at 7:30pm on the night of each draw and results are published shortly afterwards, both electronically and as printed winners lists. The name of each winner can also be seen displayed on screen as well as printed.


Tattslotto awards an estimated weekly prize pool of $5 Million and draws winning numbers at 7:30pm AEST each Saturday evening. There are six prize divisions; to win Division 1, match all six winning numbers on one game panel and complete it within an hour’s time. Proceeds of Tattslotto go towards charity organizations like Royal Melbourne Hospital and Heart Foundation as well as to local community groups across Australia.

Tickets can be purchased in-store or online, with options including Marked Entry that allows you to choose how many games to play or System Entry that allows more than six numbers and gives more chances to win. In addition, Multi-Week or Multi-Draw entries enable automatic participation for multiple draws.

Those fortunate enough to win can access their prizes by direct deposit or Paypal withdrawal, all tax-free. Oz Lotteries provides the option to pay winnings as either one lump sum payment or as installments over time.

Addition to our standard prize divisions, you may also wish to consider Australia’s newest lottery: Set For Life game – specifically tailored towards young people aged between 18-30 – launched in February 2015. Not intended as an extravagant lifestyle solution but more so an opportunity for daily goals to come true, Set For Life can help bring your daily dreams closer.

Prizes in this lottery are calculated through combinatorial mathematics and probability theory, helping players identify combinations with an improved success-to-failure ratio and making more informed purchasing decisions when purchasing tickets.

Lotteries have long been a form of gambling in Australia, and have long been considered an enjoyable form of entertainment. Once run as state-wide affairs, modern lotteries now run nationally to raise funds for disadvantaged men, women, children and families through The Australian Lottery Bloc as well as funding medical research. Lottery money was previously used to assist elderly or disabled members; however this practice has changed due to new legislation restricting how much can be given out as prizes to people with disabilities.


Tattslotto was Australia’s inaugural European-format lottery when it first debuted on Wednesday night in February 2000. Offering weekly lotto games with prizes up to $4 Million plus regular $20 Million Superdraws at only 50 cents plus agent’s commission per ticket sold, Tattslotto quickly become a hit among Australian lotteries.

Under the Finance Act 2023, new provisions were included that require TDS deduction of 30% on net winnings from online games; joining and referral bonuses, however, remain non-taxable.


Subscriptions allow you to play the lottery at times that suit you best, automatically! Simply choose the subscription option when purchasing online – located below draw information – when buying an entry. Select from a range of subscription options including how many draws, games and whether to pick or fast select numbers as well as backup payment methods in case your account balance falls low.

Subscription entries are initially paid from your available funds in your online account and then from any available backup payment methods if necessary – that way, you never miss a draw! Furthermore, subscription entries can be cancelled at any time from within your online account.

Make the most out of every game you love – TattsLotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Weekday Windfall and Set for Life are just some examples! Set a subscription up with us now – or create multiple entries at the same time using Multi-Week entries! Plus you have complete control over when and how often you play by pausing your subscription from within Ticket History up until draw close for extra flexibility in playing!

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