va lottery mega millions

va lottery mega millions

Virginia Lottery Powerball Jackpot Winner

A winning Powerball ticket was purchased at a Safeway south of Alexandria. It matched five out of six numbers but missed the Powerball number, increasing the jackpot to over $1 billion and promising its buyer at least $1 million after taxes have been deducted.

Retailers that sell winning tickets receive a $10,000 bonus from the Virginia Lottery; however, they must not reveal who won. In this article, we will discuss about va lottery mega millions.


The Virginia Lottery gives players an opportunity to win millions in prize money. You can choose to play drawing games, instant win games or both; each lottery game offers different prizes and jackpots; some even allow you to multiply winnings through Power Play! Winners have 180 days after either drawing or closure to claim their prizes from The Virginia Lottery.

Use the official Virginia Lottery app to quickly check winning tickets, view results as soon as they become available and more. Plus, this handy little tool lets you scan any draw game or Scratcher to instantly determine whether you are a winner instantly! Plus you can even use it to enter 2nd Chance promotions like Extra Chances!

If you’re lucky enough to hit the jackpot, you have two payment options for your prize – cash or annuity. An annuity gives a lump sum payment over 30 years while cash pays out immediately upon winning the prize value. Please be aware that The Virginia Lottery withholds federal income taxes on prizes valued over $5,000.

Since 1999, Virginia Lottery has raised more than $10 billion for K-12 education across Virginia since 1999. Nearly 61% of prize payments go directly back to schools for career and technical education programs such as early reading intervention or special needs programs; in 2015 alone lottery funds generated $867 Million for Virginia’s K-12 schools! Furthermore, over 400 stores throughout Virginia offer lottery products and allow customers to play online lottery.

Odds of winning

Playing the Virginia Lottery offers multiple avenues of victory: you can select your own numbers or ask the clerk for an Easy Pick which will randomly select numbers for you. In addition, Power Play increases winnings for an additional $1 per game.

Virginia Powerball odds of winning are estimated at one in 292.2 million according to lottery officials. Lotterie draws take place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening from 10:59 p.m. onwards with the jackpot starting at $40 Million until it is won; retailers that sell winning tickets receive a $10,000 bonus from the Virginia Lottery for each winning ticket sold.

Lottery winners have two options for receiving their prize: either an annuity paid out over 29 years in 30 graduated payments, or cash payout. Most winners opt for cash; minimum payout amount is $25,000. Winners have 180 days from receiving notification of winning status to claim their prize.

To play the Virginia Lottery, tickets can be found at gas stations, convenience stores and grocery stores as well as online. Furthermore, the Virginia Lottery mobile app enables you to create digital playslips and scan any draw-game ticket or Scratcher in real-time to check if it was successful; as well as get notifications about prizes and promotions.

The Virginia Lottery gives players an exciting chance to win big while raising funds for education. One-third of its profits go directly to schools, with two-thirds going towards specific initiatives and prizes funded 61 cents of every dollar by player contributions – the only lottery in America offering such benefits!


The Virginia Lottery generates hundreds of millions each year in revenues, which are distributed among education and other public programs. In addition, the lottery provides law enforcement assistance to local law enforcement agencies; lottery investigators are fully sworn law enforcement officers with all of the same arrest authority as police officers.

Federal taxes on gambling winnings differ by state and are automatically withheld from prizes that exceed a set threshold. Winnings are taxed as ordinary income in the U.S. and reported using Form 1040; if you win large sums of money it would be wise to consult a financial expert prior to filing your taxes.

Virginia residents should be aware that Virginia taxes gambling winnings. Non-residents earning over certain thresholds must file non-resident returns; additionally, non-residents may owe state taxes on the amount of their winnings.

State tax rates on gambling winnings can also differ significantly across states. West Virginia, for instance, levies taxes ranging from 6.5% to 8% while Connecticut and Kentucky both impose lower rates; non-residents may even need to pay local taxes on their winnings.

Every person selling lottery tickets or shares must deposit the proceeds into the Lottery Fund either directly or through an authorized representative appointed by the Department. The Director should issue regulations to ensure that such proceeds do not become mixed up with other funds or assets and deposit and collection are completed promptly. Furthermore, anyone renting premises from which lottery tickets or shares are sold shall have a portion of their rental payment calculated based on compensation received from Lotteries as determined by him/her.


Virginia Lottery app makes instant games easier to access, jackpot amounts visible and prizes easy to win. The free download includes a digital Playlip to create and save favorite numbers; plus it helps locate nearby retailers. Scan any drawn game ticket or Scratcher to instantly see if it is a winner as well as see the latest prizes available; sign up for extra Chances; discover new Scratchers. In addition, its privacy policy details how it handles personal information while protecting against unauthorized use.

State law[35] defines the Lottery Department as an autonomous agency of the Commonwealth, independent from legislative, executive or judicial branches of government. Investigators for the Lottery Department are fully sworn law enforcement officers while theft investigations of lottery tickets are handled locally by law enforcement agencies. As required by federal law, a portion of any prize over $5,000 must be withheld from winner prizes in order to purchase US Government bonds as security for top prize claims.

Patel expressed his hope that state legislators and Youngkin would repeal the 35-mile exclusion rule and return to a 25% tax rate, as per what was approved by the General Assembly bill. Some rules seem designed to increase profits for larger, out-of-state gambling interests.

As soon as a Lottery drawing occurs, make sure that you sign your ticket immediately following it – this will establish ownership and provide 180 days for you to claim your prize! The Lottery employs stringent security protocols for its drawings: each set of balls used is numbered for tracking purposes, while detailed records are maintained of “test” drawings to prevent systematic biases from developing; any individual found tampering with any Lottery drawings is guilty of a felony.


Virginia Lottery tickets should be treated like legal documents. They should be signed to establish ownership, and redeemed within 180 days from the drawing date. Winners have the choice between lump sum or annuity prizes – in the case of top prize winners, federal law requires payment in U.S. Government bonds which vary in value over time.

The Virginia Lottery is an autonomous agency of the Commonwealth that exists independently from legislative, executive, and judicial branches of state government. Managed by a Director and Board of Directors, its mission is to raise funds for education through lottery games; since 1999 it has raised over $10 billion through lottery sales; one third of profits go directly to schools while two-thirds is allocated towards specific educational initiatives.

Before or as a condition of employment with the Department of Lottery, all employees and applicants for employment are fingerprinted as part of an employment process or application for employment. Their fingerprints are sent to both the Federal Bureau of Investigation for National Criminal Records check purposes as well as Virginia State Police background check. All employees, officers and board members working directly for vendors providing lottery on-line or instant ticket goods or services contracted directly with us must also undergo fingerprinting processes prior to being hired by us.

One who wins a prize from the Virginia Lottery may claim their prize from any authorized retailer and be paid cash or money order; any prizes over $600 must be claimed from Richmond at their central office, presented to an employee and validated by an official. To know more about va lottery mega millions just follow us: Royal Reels Casino

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